30.09.2021         – electronic registration – (http://lotnictwo.polsl.pl/index.php/rejestracja/),

15.10.2021          – sending abstracts of papers,

15.11.2021          – full text submission,

15.11.2021          – sending electronic posters,

15.11.2021          – fee payment.

In the abstract (min. ½ page) and article (8-10 pages) use the standard A4 (210 × 297 mm) paper size. Allow 2,5 cm margins. Use Times New Roman font of 12-point size (title 14-point size bold) with single spacing between lines of the text.

The electronic poster should be sent as one slide in the PowerPoint.

The selected papers after positive review and fee payment will be published in the journals from The Ministry of Science and Higher Education list. The rest of them will be published as the post-conference monograph.